In my winter camp,  my office, my cabin,  where I write in silence.

In my winter camp,
my office, my cabin,
where I write in silence.


I am Isabelle, a solitary and wild bush woman,
I come from multiple roots, my soul is native.
I feel deep love for Earth.

Mother of two independent young men, favourite human to two big dogs and one orange cat.
Friend with all kinds of birds, a couple of raccoons and a mother squirrel.
I am in partnership with a Tree-man and I live a simple life.

I know many plants souls. I talk to Trees and Animals.
I am in contact with my Ancestors and I listen to my Inner voice.
Earth is my Mother. Sky is my Father.

As a nomadic traveler, I have hitchhiked for 15 years, to meet elders
in different native or metis communities in Quebec and surrounding areas,
as well as in the prairies, Arizona, Mexico and east coast american states.

Along the way to find my own roots, I have discovered my greatest passion :
traditional medicine with plants. While traveling, I realized that many communities in Quebec
have lost that knowledge. My whole work is in the hope of giving it back.

I do not teach the medicine of one particular nation,
but have learned and practice what is common in all nations I visited.
What I integrated has become my own medicine, the one I share today.
It is based on connection to Earth, to Self and to Others.

The inspiration, the visions and the knowledge that I have are the result of my life choices :
the teachers I chose, the personal studies I made and everything I have experienced.

What I observed in native communities and elsewhere, I took note of and applied
into my own solitary life in the forest. I tried, I understood and I learned.


I am a Quebec certified teacher, self-taught herbalist, amateur genealogist, lecturer, gatherer, gardener, handywoman, improvised historian and methodic author.

I have sorted and organized my notes from all my years of personal studies and experience.
It results in a collection of five french books, the first of which is now available in english.

I honor my personal mission to give back knowledge and to share with Others,
with no racial distinction, from all different backgrounds.

I work for Mother Earth.

With all my heart,
Isabelle Kun-Nipiu Falardeau
la Métisse