I am shaman of my own Life.
I invite you to be shaman of your own.

Each of us has a particular path.
It is our own responsibility to respect Life that Creator gave us.

There are many sacred places where our roads can cross.
It’s called LIFE.

In Respect for Oneself, for Others and for Earth.

Beyond religions and cultural differences,
more important than laws, politics and economy,
above gender and races, there are Human beings.
I recognize those who are close to Mother Earth.

I walk my own path following ancient trails.
I got lots of wounds. I am self-healing,
I wish myself the greatest way to my Heart.
And I wish you the same.

If you’re looking for a shaman,
a savior, a miracle healing,
a free consultation,
a clan for ceremonies,
a women circle,
sacred songs,
drums, mocassins, native art,
folkloric events or pow-wows…

It’s not me.

I’m more like a hermit.
I prefer solitude and silence.
I live my spirituality with great simplicity,
as much as I can connect to Nature.

I share my vision of Life.
I share my practice as an herbalist.
I share my experience of life in the Forest.
I teach. I write. I pray.

I honor my personal Red path.
I follow my heart and I wish you the best.